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Tia Muller

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Catalan > French

Spanish > French

An experienced and professionally qualified translator, I provide a high-quality service into my mother tongue, French, from Catalan, English, and Spanish.

My expertise lies in the field of audiovisual translation, and more particularly interlingual subtitling, for which I completed a MA (distinction) from the University of Roehampton in 2009, and a PhD on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing in France from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2015. After working for four years at the Audioprojects dubbing studios in Barcelona and completing my PhD, I began working as a freelancer.


I work with Trados 2021 for my other projects and with the subtitling software EZTitles. It provides professional subtitles in all major formats, including for Netflix and Disney. I am a member of the associations for audiovisual translators ATRAE in Spain and ATAA in France.


Recent works include:

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