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Lisa is professional, timely and pedantic to exactly the extreme you would hope from a translator. She is passionate about fidelity to both intent and idiom, and her work shows a truly keen ear for linguistics and human behavior. She has unwittingly taught me a lot about German, for which I am very grateful. I would work with her again, any time.

David did an outstanding job on a high-profile series for a major broadcaster. His subtitles were of an exceptionally high standard. He was extremely efficient, delivering files ahead of schedule, and was very thorough in his research, demonstrating great attention to detail. He took pride in his work, providing further linguistic assistance even after delivery and was always quick to answer any queries. He's a true team player, and it was a pleasure working with him.

Lisa Voigt  has been working as an SDH subtitler for LinQ for years.

She is very friendly, forthcoming and trustworthy when it comes to delivering her work on time.

Lisa is always happy to take on jobs and always tries to help out by taking on rush jobs.

The quality of her work is consistent and of a very high standard.  - I have only had positive feedback from our proof readers, who look forward to receiving her files.

It is a pleasure having Lisa on our team and I can highly recommend her for any future jobs.

For over three years now, we have worked with Tia in a prestigious international project and without any hesitation I can say that this has been a very gratifying experience. The quality of her translations totally matches the standards this high-end content requires. She is reliable, creative and professional. It is a pleasure to work with her.

If it truly is the poet who makes the best translator, then Tia Muller is a poet. But rather than impose her sensibility on the writing, she strives to reveal its essential character. There's no awkward embellishment or clever twist to her interpretation. Not only are we as writers rewarded with her integrity but we are also flattered by her eloquence.

Marcus Reichert, Author of Percy Lifar

I got in touch with David for the translation into English of the French film “Dieu a besoin des hommes” for Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. It has been a pleasure to work with him, he accepted the assignment with enthusiasm and he was ready to work under a tight deadline. His subtitles were delivered on time, they were precisely timecoded, and translation and adaptation were excellent. David is a professional and reliable subtitler and I hope to work with him very soon.

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